Makers & Builders

Maker's & Builders is not a tackle making specific group on Facebook.  There are several tacklemakers who are members, but the group is really open to anybody who makes, builds, crafts, or fabricates.  It is not a for sale group, but members may share items they make as part of their business as long, it is not just a "buy my stuff" post, and they are willing to answer questions and discuss the process.
Yuma Bass Man is an independent online fishing forum that predates the days of Facebook.  It originally started as a local fishing information site, but there are members from all over.  Feel free to join and tells us about your local fishing experiences wherever you may be. 
There is a sub forum on YumaBassMan just for tackle makers.
Useful and Interesting Videos
Bob La Londe
CNC Molds N Stuff
Five Minutes On The Water
FREE MOLD PART 1 - Designing the Mold
Wacky Winger
FREE MOLD PART 2 - Making & Using the Mold
Wacky Winger

FREE MOLD PART 3 - Fishing The Baits|
Wacky Winger

Not yet published
Retractable Casters on Home Made Welding Table
Cuting the LBS Shad
RIGGING IDEAS For the Wacky Winger
Simple Model and Mold Demo
Not a Tutorial
Installing a Collet Closer on a Small Lathe

Rigging & Fishing Version 1 of the Curly Buzzfrog
This mold has not been released.  I hope to have time to release a version 3 of this mold for sale sometime in 2019.

Upgrading to an ATC Style Spindle Part 1 of  ???
If interested you can find other parts of this series on the channel.
Quick & Dirty Pressure Turning "Demo"
Quick Easy Bait Keeper That Works