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Author Topic: Easy Grip Speed Screw - Fast, snug, & tool free mold clamping  (Read 484 times)

Bob La Londe

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Easy Grip Speed Screw - Fast, snug, & tool free mold clamping
« on: January 24, 2018, 04:17:19 PM »

10-32 large easy grip mold clamping screw for plastisol and lead molds.  There is between 0.80 and 0.95 inches (over 7/8 inch usually) exposed thread.  They are ideal for 1" thick molds made with two 1/2" inch plates.  Knurled head and screw for clamping molds by hand.  (Shoulder Bolt)  The dimensions shown are aproximate. These are made on a manual lathe whenever the CNC mills are busy and I am caught up on design work for the next job.  I really didn't want to make them, but I had a couple customers request something like this and they were willing to pay for my time to do so.  They do take some time to make so they are not inexpensive.  Most of our molds use a 10-32 clamping screw.  We supply standard stainless steel socket head clamping screws as needed with each mold.  These Easy Grip screws are NOT included with molds.  You must purchase them separately.

The head is made of aluminum, and the screw is made of stainless steel.  If you need a different size please use the contact form to let us know what you need and to put together a custom order.