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Author Topic: midifying soft plastic lures with candle or glue can be a big improvement  (Read 532 times)


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I've been modifying soft plastic lures for years and it seems it's helps me catch far more fish than the originals that the parts were taken from.

Here are a few:

parts taken from a plastic lizard:

Shortening lures or using pieces cut from lures can make all the difference when fish are less aggressive:

Some baits require no changes to the original such as the Crappie Magnet and some thin straight tail grubs:

I think I continue to find fishing a challenge only because of being able to discover the infinite amount of good lures that are superior to so many other sold or at least on par. I'm not the dedicated bass angler I used to be when I fished tournaments, but don't mind if a decent bass or catfish bites my lures:
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Bob La Londe

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Nice.  I like your approach.  You come up with some great stuff that way..