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Author Topic: " Can I send you some sample jigs, and have you copy them into a Do-It (tm) blan  (Read 216 times)

Bob La Londe

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" Can I send you some sample jigs, and have you copy them into a Do-It (tm) blank? "

Thanks for the opportunity. First off, I can, BUT!!!!

1. I can machine that not straight and not square lump of die cast aluminum that Do-It over charges for.

I don't. I do make lead molds with pinned hinges and handles that hold up very well. They are as easy to use as the cavity shape allows. Just about every person (99%) who asks about Do-It blanks seems to think they are going to get custom machined work done for the price of mass produced die cast work. Can't be done, and its actually much more of a pain to use their non-uniform lump than to just start with solid piece if extruded bar stock, and it costs more. The price of a custom made mold is the work. Not the material. If I make a mistake on that over priced piece of cast aluminum from Do-It the cost goes up even more because I have to buy another one. Sometimes I get an indignant "well other people can do it" when I say this, but the fact is I can do it. I have done it just to decide if it is worth it or not. Its not. Ultimately I'm not going to do more work for less money. If you already own a Do-It blank sell it on Ebay to somebody else. This leads me to the second thing you asked.

2. I can make modestly accurate knockoffs of somebody else's designs if I wanted to.  However if its somebody else's unique commercial product I will not. I am not in the knock off business. If I was that kind of person my own commercial customers would not trust me to make their unique designs for them. Most (not all maybe) people who want a knockoff are either:

a. Looking to save money (doing copies is harder sometimes than doing new original designs). You can buy a lot of jigs for the price of one custom mold. or...

b. they want to capitalize on somebody else's design and marketing efforts and sell jigs that somebody else has made commercially desirable.

3. The exceptions. There are darned few, and everybody thinks they should be the exception. I hope you can see the inherent flaw in that. Occasionally I get people who have made their own unique design using some form of resin or high heat silicone and are tired of burning out molds and having to remake them. Sometimes I get somebody who wants to recreate something that has been out of production for 20 years. Once in a while I get people who just want to pour something generic like a ball jig, but have all cavities the same size because itís the size they either use or sell the most of.

If you would like to know more about this I suggest reviewing my custom mold FAQ pages.

If I have totally gotten this wrong. Please feel free to set me straight, and I'll look forward to helping you bring your vision to life.

Bob La Londe
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